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Physical and Occupational Therapy

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If you’re searching for Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy services in the North Buffalo, NY area, Buffalo Rehab Group is here to help.

Visit our modern clinic at the corner of Hertel and Parkside Avenues, offering the convenience of quick and flexible scheduling. Begin your therapy journey without needing a referral and take comfort in knowing we accept most major Western New York insurance plans.

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Low Back Pain

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Shoulder Pain

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Neck Pain

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Knee Pain

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Experience the modern facilities of our North Buffalo clinic before your first Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy session.

Utilize our TRUE Stretch Cage for effective stretching and engage in specialized exercises designed for injury recovery. Our cutting-edge equipment is geared towards helping you heal quickly and resume the activities you love.

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Why Seek Treatment at Buffalo Rehab Group?

Avoid waiting weeks for an appointment

Start sooner and embrace the freedom of booking where, when, and how you want. 

Find a time and place that works for you

With expanded hours across 13 clinics and virtual care, you won’t lose time with family, friends, or work. 

Enjoy start-to-finish care

Count on working with the same therapy team throughout your recovery journey. 

Get support in and out of the clinic

Access your treatment plan and team through our convenient BRG app.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment at North Buffalo?

To schedule an appointment, please call our Patient Service Center at 716-458-1990. If you wish to chat with a team member or schedule online, you can do so through our website. 

Is parking available at North Buffalo?

Our North Buffalo clinic offers street parking.

Do I need a referral to start treatment?

No. You may begin physical therapy without a referral from your physician. Treatment without a referral is available for 10 visits, 30 days, and with clinicians who have three or more years of experience. 

Is my treatment covered by insurance?

Yes, physical and occupational therapy are covered by insurance. Here is a list of health insurances we currently accept. 

What can I expect during my first session at North Buffalo?

At your initial appointment, your therapist will ask questions and evaluate your range of mobility. Your following sessions will work to treat dysfunction and maximize your recovery through an approach specific to you. 

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