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Why Should I Warm Up Before Running?

Do you warm up before starting your run?

If you said “no,” you’re not alone. It’s a mistake many runners make.

Jumping right into a run without warming up can mean sacrificing miles to finding your rhythm.

Feel your best right out of the gate with a proper warmup.

Why Warm Up?

In the video below, Physical Therapist and avid runner Kearsten Fish, PT DPT, explains why a proper warmup is important each time you run.

Whether you’re running for leisure, training, or participating in a race, warming up is important.

A proper warmup gets blood flowing through your lower body. It also helps prevent injury or overuse.

When you warm up properly, you can be ready to run from the start – which is critical on a race day.

Don’t lose precious time to finding your rhythm or “getting in the groove!”

Get a simple, five-stretch warmup you can incorporate before every run by clicking the button below.

Are you a runner struggling with pain or injury?

Unlike other medical providers, Buffalo Rehab Group understands your need to run. Get back to running pain- and injury-free with help from a Physical Therapist who loves running, too!

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