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Do you warm up before starting your run?

If you said “no,” you’re not alone. It’s a mistake many runners make.

Jumping right into a run without warming up can mean sacrificing miles to find your rhythm.

Feel your best right out of the gate with a proper warm-up.

Whether you’re running for leisure, training, or participating in a race, warming up is important.

A proper warmup gets the blood flowing through your lower body. It also helps prevent injury or overuse.

When you warm up properly, you can be ready to run from the start – which is critical on a race day.

Don’t lose precious time to finding your rhythm or “getting in the groove!”

Are you a runner struggling with pain or injury?

Unlike other medical providers, Buffalo Rehab Group understands your need to run. Get back to running pain- and injury-free with help from a Physical Therapist who loves running, too!

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