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Physical Therapy for Runners

Your Path to Pain-Free Running Starts Here 

Learn how to move and feel your best with help from a physical therapist who specializes in running. 

Don’t Run From Pain or Injury

When those minor pains first crop up, it’s tempting to push through. Before you know it, you’re piling on more rest days, altering your training routine, and experimenting with over-the-counter remedies. All you really want is to hit the pavement again — and we understand. 

Rediscover the joy of pain-free running with the support of a physical therapist who shares your passion for running, too. 

A physical therapist smiles as she converses with her patient.
A physical therapist smiles as he converses with his patient.

How is Physical Therapy for Runners Different? 

Reaching a full recovery and returning to pain-free running requires runner-specific exercises. Clamshells and leg lifts just won’t cut it! Through runner-specific exercises, you’ll stabilize imbalances and teach your body how to fix the root cause of injury for good. 

Yes, We Treat That


Runner’s Knee


Achilles Tendinitis


IT Band Syndrome


Stress Fractures


Shin Splints


Plantar Fasciitis


Muscle Strains

Two physical therapists smile as their patient prepares to run.

How Can I Get Back to Running Faster? 

Buffalo Rehab Group is proud to offer the only publicly accessible zero-gravity treadmill in Western New York. The AlterG treadmill helps you get back to running faster by altering the effects of gravity and lessening the impact on your joints. 

Meet Kearsten Fish, PT DPT

Physical Therapist

As a passionate runner and triathlete, Kearsten has dedicated her career to helping runners stay injury-free. Her approach is rooted in stretches and exercises specifically designed to help runners. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to start treatment?

No. You may begin physical therapy without a referral from your physician. Treatment without a referral is available for 10 visits, 30 days, and with clinicians who have three or more years of experience. 

Is my treatment covered by insurance?

Yes, physical and occupational therapy are covered by insurance. Here is a list of health insurances we currently accept. 

Do you offer virtual or online appointments?

At your initial appointment, your therapist will ask questions and evaluate your range of mobility. Your following sessions will work to treat dysfunction and maximize your recovery through an approach specific to you. 

A physical therapist watches as his patient walks with a medicine ball.
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