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How to Pace a Run

Have you ever started a race “running hot,” or at too fast of a pace?

It’s a mistake many runners make.

When adrenaline kicks in, pace can be hard to control. That said, it is possible to remain consistent from start to finish – and the secret to doing so is in your run form.

Keeping a Steady Pace

In the video below, Physical Therapist and avid runner Kearsten Fish, PT DPT, explains why your run form is crucial to controlling the pace of your run from start to finish.

You’ve followed your training plan to the letter and race day is finally here.

No matter how hard you’ve trained, fatigue will set in at some point during your race.

The best way to combat fatigue, and any aches or injuries, is keeping proper run form – starting with your first step.

Proper run form will keep you running efficiently, which means holding a strong and consistent pace.

How can you maintain proper run form?

Drive through your knee!

Make sure that drive or push is coming from your glutes and core, which are areas of the body runners tend to underutilize.

Using glute and core strength will help you be steady with your pace and finish strong!

Are you a runner struggling with pain or injury?

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