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Struggle Standing Up From Kneeling? Try This.

Nov 29, 2023 | Fitness & Wellness

You knelt to spread mulch or to pluck those pesky weeds from the flowerbed and are now struggling standing up from kneeling.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Don’t give up on activities you love. Try this simple hack for standing up from kneeling.

Standing From Kneeling

In the video below, Physical Therapist Steve Gonser, PT DPT, shows you a simple hack to help you stand up from kneeling when in the garden or doing yard work.

Standing up from kneeling requires strength and flexibility and can be harder than you think. Sometimes it requires a little help.

Here is a simple hack you can try the next time you’re in the garden or doing yardwork and fear you may struggle when standing up.

Before you kneel to accomplish your tasks, put a shovel or spade firmly in the ground near where you’ll be working.

Once you’ve finished your work and want to get up, get yourself into a half kneeling position next to your shovel or spade. Starting from this position will allow you to generate force through your legs.

Since you have the shovel or spade to lean on, you now can use your arms to stand, giving yourself a push point you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

From your half kneeling position, please your hand on the shovel or spade, push through your arms and your legs, and rise up.

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