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How to Prevent Gardening Injuries

Nov 29, 2023 | Fitness & Wellness

Are sore knees, a sore back, or other common gardening and yard work injuries slowing you down?

As you work hard to prepare your lawn or garden, make sure you’re lifting and bending correctly.

Protect your knees and back with this proper lifting technique.

Prevent Gardening Injuries

In the video below, Buffalo Rehab Group Physical Therapist Steve Gonser, PT DPT, explains the proper way to lift and bend while working in your yard or garden.

As you bend down to lift something, like a bag of mulch, planter, or your wheelbarrow, don’t bend at your back.

We see a lot of injuries in our clinics from folks who lift heavy objects with a rounded or flexed spine.

When you flex your spine and then lift, you put a lot of pressure on your low back.

As you lift, focus on keeping your spine straight and getting your butt back – almost like you’re performing a squat.

By getting your butt back when you lift, your power will come from your legs and hips instead of your back. This will help you lift more easily and prevent knee, back, and other common gardening injuries.

Feel your best heading into summer!

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