Try This Low Back Stretch

Does low back pain make it hard to stand or walk for periods of time?

If it does, try this stretch.

It’s not only an excellent way to provide relief to your back, but to stretch your shoulders and glutes, too.

Low Back Sink Stretch

In this video, Physical Therapists Kristina Hines PT DPT and Steve Gonser PT DPT show you an easy, at-home stretch to open your low back.

Start by holding a sturdy surface, like a sink.

Stand an arm’s width from the surface with your feet a shoulder’s width apart.

While holding on, soften your knees and sit your hips backward.

You should feel a nice stretch through your low back, along with your shoulders and glutes.

Once you feel the stretch in your back, hold that position for 5-10 seconds. Then, slowly come back up to standing.

When you come back up to standing, make sure not to arch your back – stop in a nice, neutral position.

Repeat this stretch sequence 10 times.

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