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How to Stand up Safely with Knee Pain

Nov 29, 2023 | Lower Body

Do you experience knee pain when kneeling or crouching down?

It can be a real burden when playing with the grandkids or retrieving a dropped item from the floor.

If you’re like many, the pain can make it difficult to stand up from a kneeling position.

Try this to stand up safely with knee pain.

How to Stand Up Safely with Knee Pain

In the video below, Physical Therapist Katie Wolfley, PT DPT, explains ways you can help yourself stand up safely and more efficiently with knee pain.

Knee pain comes in many forms.

Some experience pain from compression or irritation from bone-to-bone contact. Others have meniscus issues, with pinching of the tissue causing pain.

Regardless of pre-existing issues, compression of knee joints on the floor or a hard surface can also cause pain.

In the clinics, we see a lot of patients with knee pain. One commonality amongst these patients is difficulty safely standing up from kneeling.

Once kneeling, many try to stand up with their ankle positioned behind their knee joint. This position causes them to rely heavily on upper body strength to stand.

If pain makes it hard to stand from kneeling, follow these tips:

– Regardless of how long you’ll be in a kneeling position, give your knee a cushion.

– Keep a chair or bench within arm’s reach, just in case you need extra stability.

– To stand up efficiently, bring one leg forward with your knee directly over your ankle. On your back leg, keep your toe curled underneath. As you stand, your front leg stays stable while the back leg moves through a bending and straightening motion to power you up from the ground (instead of relying on your upper body).

Want help with knee pain?

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