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Have you ever struggled to open a stubborn jar lid or found it challenging to carry heavy bags for an extended period?

If so, you may benefit from exercises to improve grip strength.

Grip strength plays a crucial role in our daily lives, whether it’s for basic tasks or more specialized activities.

From turning a doorknob to picking up groceries, grip strength is involved in numerous daily activities.

A strong grip ensures you can accomplish these tasks easily and without the risk of strain or injury.

If you’re struggling with your grip, add these three at-home exercises to your routine:

Towel Wringing

Grab a hand towel and hold an end in each hand.

Twist your right hand forward, then back. Repeat with your left hand.

Complete two sets of ten repetitions per side. Perform twice daily.

Towel Squeezes

Holding a hand towel in your right hand, squeeze slowly then release. Complete ten repetitions then switch to your left hand.

Complete two sets with each hand.

If you would like more of a challenge, bunch up the towel.

Wrist Flexion & Extension

Grab a small hand weight, soup can, or water bottle.

Hold the weight in your right hand with the back of your palm facing up. Keeping your arm level, bend your wrist down, then up. Repeat this ten times, then repeat with your left hand.

Complete two sets with each hand.

Incorporating these grip-strengthening exercises into your fitness routine can help you enhance your hand strength, improve your everyday functionality, and reduce the risk of hand-related injuries.

Want help improving your grip strength?

Don’t struggle with daily or favorite activities because of a weak grip. If you’d like a personalized strategy to build grip strength, our team of Occupational Therapists is here to help.

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