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3 Exercises for Stronger Arms

Want stronger arms but not sure where to start?

It’s not with heavy weights or hours at the gym!

Try these simple exercises for toned and stronger arms.

Build Stronger Arms

Building stronger arms doesn’t mean excessive repetitions or heavy weights. Both strength and tone can be accomplished with light weights and controlled movements.

Add these three simple exercises to your arm-day routine:

Stride Kickbacks

A stride kickback helps build toned and stronger arms by targeting your triceps.

Start with a weight in each hand and with your feet staggered in a split stance, with one in front of the other.

Hinge forward at your hips. With your elbows tight to your ribcage, kick your arms straight back, hold for a second, and then release.

Don’t swing your arms back. Focus on making controlled movements.

Complete three sets of 10 reps then adjust your stance so your opposite foot is forward. Complete three sets of 10 reps on that side.

Curl to Press

The Curl to Press builds stronger arms by targeting the biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Stand up straight with a weight in each hand. With your palms facing inward, let your arms rest at your side.

Curl the weights to your shoulders. Rotate your wrists and then extend your arms and lift, or press, overhead. With controlled movement, bring the weights back down to your shoulders and then to your side.

Complete three sets of 10 reps.

Reverse Fly

The Reverse Fly is not only great for building stronger arms but also shoulder and upper back strength.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Make sure your knees are not extending past your toes.

Hold a weight in each hand, with your palms facing inward and your hands at your side.

Hinge forward at the waist, keeping your back straight and your head up.

Keeping your arms straight, slowly bring them up and out to the side so that they’re parallel to the ground. Hold this position for a second, then slowly return your arms to their starting position.

Complete three sets of 10 reps.

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