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Exercising with Back Pain

Do you struggle with back pain or wonder how to maintain a healthy back as you age?

If so, explore the replay of our 2024 YMCA Wellness Series class, “Exercising with Back Pain,” led by Buffalo Rehab Group Physical Therapist, Joe Mescall, PT DPT.

You’ll discover the common causes of back pain, learn about the effects of aging on your back, and acquire practical exercises for lasting relief. 

Want a personalized approach to your low back pain?

Our dedicated team of Physical Therapists is ready to help you move and feel your best. We’ll create an individualized plan, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite activities — free from low back pain!

Treatment is covered by insurance, no referral is needed to start, and with virtual and in-clinic appointments available, you can find a time that works for you.

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