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Virtual Physical Therapy

Healthcare Doesn’t Have to Be This Hard.

Start treatment in 3 days or less with a Virtual Physical Therapist. 

Insurance Accepted. No Referral Needed.

Insurance & Self-Pay

Virtual Physical Therapy is covered by insurance. For self-pay, your initial evaluation is just $99 and standard visits are only $59.

Get Diagnosed Remotely

By guiding you through a series of movements and asking specific questions, your therapist can assess your pain and provide an accurate diagnosis.

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Wondering how your injury can be diagnosed virtually?

Your path to an accurate diagnosis:


1. Asking the Right Questions.
Your therapist will learn about your story, when your injury started, and discuss your current concerns in detail.

2. Guided Movement Assessment.
You will be guided through a series of movements and mobility tests to assess your range of motion and identify areas of concern.

3. In-Depth Analysis & Diagnosis.
With the results of your assessment your therapist will accurately diagnose your condition.

4. Personalized Treatment Plan.
Receive a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs that you’ll be able to do from anywhere.

The Perfect Combination of Care and Convenience.

Experience tailored, immediate treatment with the flexibility and comfort of private, affordable care.

Your Care, Your Schedule

Plan your Virtual Physical Therapy sessions at the times that best work for you. With flexible hours and easy online scheduling, you’re in control of when you receive your treatment, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your busy life.

Fast Access, No Waiting

Skip the wait lists and waiting rooms. Our Virtual Physical Therapy sessions are designed to get you into treatment fast. With a focus on immediate access, you’ll start your recovery sooner without the frustrating delays.

Convenient Care, Comfortable Setting

Experience the highest standard of physical therapy without leaving your home. Our Virtual Physical Therapy sessions provide effective treatment directly to you, ensuring you receive quality care in a comfortable setting.

Patient Independence, Tailored Care

Engage directly with your Physical Therapist one-on-one. Your treatment plans are tailored to your needs and adjusted based on your progress. Our personalized approach ensures that each session contributes to your recovery.

Cost Effective, Insurance Accepted

Access high-quality Physical Therapy at an affordable cost. Our virtual physical therapy service is covered by most insurance plans and includes a self-pay option. An initial evaluation costs $99, and standard visits cost just $59.

No Commute, Total Privacy

Eliminate travel and protect your privacy. With no travel time needed, you can receive the same high-quality care in your own personal space. Our secure and confidential sessions ensure that your information stays protected.

How it Works

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Review your pain and mobility to determine if virtual care is right for you.

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Get personalized exercises, strategies, and education to help you recover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t my Physical Therapist need to see me to diagnose and treat me?

Not at all! By guiding you through a series of movements and asking specific questions, your therapist will be able to assess your pain and provide an accurate diagnosis.

What injuries are appropriate for Virtual Physical Therapy?

Virtual Physical Therapy can treat a variety of conditions, including but not limited to low back, shoulder, and knee pain, neck issues, post-surgical rehabilitation, pain management, and preventative care. 

What if my Physical Therapist decides I’m not a candidate for virtual care?

Transition to in-person care effortlessly! Should your physical therapist recommend a hands-on approach, our expansive network across Western New York is at your disposal.

Does my insurance cover Virtual Physical Therapy?

Yes! Virtual physical therapy is covered by insurance. For self-pay, your initial evaluation is just $99, while standard visits are only $59.

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Expert Care at Your Convenience

Start your road to recovery with the help of a virtual physical therapist.