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Shoulder Pain

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From swinging a golf club to cherishing moments with your grandkids, don’t let shoulder pain hold you back. There are solutions beyond injections, surgeries, and medications. By getting to the root of the pain, healing becomes possible – and so does relief. 

A Physical Therapist happily works on a shoulder patient.
A Physical Therapist happily talking to a shoulder patient

Addressing Your Shoulder Pain

At Buffalo Rehab Group, we specialize in evidence-based, personalized treatments for shoulder discomfort that focus on helping you regain smooth and pain-free movements. Through exercise, education, and targeting the root cause, we work towards speedy healing and reducing the risk of future issues. 


of adults suffer from shoulder pain every year


higher results achieved than the national average with Buffalo Rehab Group's evidence-based care

How We Can Help

From slight twinges to persistent problems, we excel in addressing a variety of shoulder issues: 


Rotator Cuff Tears, Repairs, Surgery


Frozen Shoulder




Shoulder Replacement


Impingement Syndrome


Separated Shoulder




Reverse Shoulder Replacement

A physical therapist smiles as his patient pulls a resistance band.

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Count on working with the same therapy team throughout your recovery journey. 

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Access your treatment plan and team through our convenient BRG app.  


A man lifts a kettlebell over his head while his Physical Therapist observes.
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