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Regain your strength and mobility with personalized postoperative physical therapy. 

Seamless Postoperative Recovery Awaits You

Navigating the path to recovery after surgery doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The key is finding a care team that not only delivers exceptional results but also aligns with your schedule and needs. Our mission is to offer top-notch care tailored to help you swiftly and smoothly return to the activities you cherish.

A physical therapist assistant smiles as she converses with her patient.
A physical therapist assistant smiles as she watches her patient stretch

Personalized Care for Your Unique Journey

At Buffalo Rehab Group,  our teams use evidence-based care and focus on regaining your function, whether it be simple daily tasks like walking or returning to your favorite hobby or sport.

million adults have surgery each year


higher results achieved than the national average with Buffalo Rehab Group's evidence-based care

Yes, We Treat That

For post-surgical recovery to complex procedures, our specialized postoperative therapy effectively addresses a variety of recovery needs:


Cervical fusion


Shoulder rotator cuff repair


Shoulder labral repair


Shoulder total replacement


Lumbar fusion


Hip labral repair


Total hip replacement


Total knee replacement


Knee meniscectomy


Knee ACL repair


Knee meniscal repair


Achilles tendon repair

A physical therapist assistant smiles as her patient walks toward her.

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Why Seek Physical Therapy at Buffalo Rehab Group?

Avoid waiting weeks for an appointment

Start sooner and embrace the freedom of booking where, when, and how you want. 

Find a time and place that works for you

With expanded hours across 13 clinics and virtual care, you won’t lose time with family, friends, or work. 

Enjoy start-to-finish care

Count on working with the same therapy team throughout your recovery journey. 

Get support in and out of the clinic

Access your treatment plan and team through our convenient BRG app.  


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