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Occupational Therapy

Reclaim Your Independence

Learn strategies and exercises designed to help you live your life without limitations.  

Stop Struggling, Start Living

Tired of everyday tasks taking twice the time they used to? At Buffalo Rehab Group, our occupational therapists create custom exercises and plans to help you stay active, achieve your goals, and live life on your own terms. 

An Occupational Therapist smiles as she treats her patient.

Yes, We Treat That

Common conditions that occupational therapists treat include:



Cognitive, stroke, traumatic brain injury


Cervical fusion




Muscle spasms or pain


Upper Extremities

Hands, elbows, wrists, fingers, shoulders


Cervical radiculopathy


Facet dysfunction

An Occupational Therapy Assistant smiles as she treats her patient.

Hear From Our Patients

Why Seek Occupational Therapy at Buffalo Rehab Group?

Avoid waiting weeks for an appointment

Start sooner and embrace the freedom of booking where, when, and how you want. 

Find a time and place that works for you

With expanded hours across 14 clinics and virtual care, you won’t lose time with family, friends, or work. 

Enjoy start-to-finish care

Count on working with the same therapy team throughout your recovery journey. 

Get support in and out of the clinic

Access your treatment plan and team through our convenient BRG app.  


Meet the Occupational Therapy Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions do occupational therapists treat?

Occupational therapists treat a variety of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Upper extremity pain (hands, elbows, wrists, fingers, shoulders)
  • Balance and gait
  • General weakness
  • Neurological conditions (cognitive, stroke, traumatic brain injury)
Do I need a referral to start treatment?

No. You may begin occupational therapy without a referral from your physician. Treatment without a referral is available for 10 visits, 30 days, and with clinicians who have three or more years of experience. 

Is my treatment covered by insurance?

Yes, occupational therapy is covered by insurance. Here is a list of health insurance we currently accept. 

What if I am already being treated with physical therapy?

Many patients benefit from both physical therapy and occupational therapy. Our therapists are familiar with co-treating and can discuss this option when designing your plan of care.  

A certified occupational therapy assistant smiles as she converses with her patient.
Reclaim Your Independance

Restore your daily routine with specialized occupational therapy support.