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Foot & Ankle Pain

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Struggling With Pain or Discomfort?

Every year, around 1 million people face ankle injuries, with ankle sprains making up 85% of these cases. Often, these injuries are not just isolated incidents but are linked to underlying weaknesses in the hip or knee, leading to excess stress on the ankle and foot.

A physical therapist adjusts the leg of her patient.
A Caucasian physical therapist smiles as he stretches the leg of his patient.

Strengthening for Lasting Relief

Targeted strengthening of your knee and hip can significantly alleviate your foot and ankle pain, enhancing your ability to walk, run, climb stairs, and stand with ease. At Buffalo Rehab Group, our focus is on addressing the root cause of your discomfort, not just the symptoms. Our team is committed to designing a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your individual needs, ensuring a faster and more effective return to pain-free movement.

million adults experience ankle injuries each year


higher results achieved than the national average with Buffalo Rehab Group's evidence-based care

Yes, We Treat That

Experience expert foot and ankle care at Buffalo Rehab Group, designed for your swift and effective recovery:


Ankle sprains and strains


Ankle impingement


Plantar fasciitis


Achilles tendinitis


Posterior tibial tendinitis


Shin splints


Peroneal tendinitis


Post-stress fracture

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A physical therapist watches as his patient walks with a medicine ball.
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