Dizziness & Vertigo

It is estimated that approximately 40% of the population in the United States will experience some form of dizziness or imbalance over the course of a lifetime. Dizziness and vertigo are common conditions that we treat here at BRG.

It can come from a variety of causes, that include, but are not limited to BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), hypofunction, concussion, and can lead to imbalance and falling. It may surprise you that one of the most qualified professionals to treat vertigo and dizziness are physical therapists. Here at BRG, our goal is to fix your vertigo, help you regain your balance, and decrease your risk for falls along with determining and treating the cause of your dizziness and vertigo.

Common Conditions:

  • BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)

  • Vestibular Hypofunction

  • Balance Issues and Dysfunction

  • Recurring Falls

  • Concussion

    Buffalo Rehab patient results are


    higher for this body part than the nation’s best physical therapy clinics

    Average Cost of Care for Patient: $214
    Average Treatment Length: 55 Days

    Results Based on 34,627 Patients & Collected from FOTO, a 3rd Party National Outcomes Tool

    “The staff at Buffalo Rehab Group is wonderful. I am able to get appointments that fit my busy schedule, and the therapists are very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the care they provide….so much so I’ve taken other family members there too.”


    “Just an all-around very positive experience. Easy to get an appointment with my PT of choice, very friendly and helpful office staff. I felt welcome from the first visit.”


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