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Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy

About Buffalo Rehab Group

Buffalo Rehab Group is a leading Physical and Occupational Therapy provider dedicated to helping community members regain their independence and quality of life following injury or surgery. We pride ourselves on providing the best results and experience for our patients.



  • Observe and engage with a variety of patients including orthopedic, neurologic, vestibular, pelvic health, pediatrics, and lymphedema
  • Work alongside PTs/PTAs to aid in patient documentation
  • Develop communication skills, both verbally and nonverbally, further preparing you for when you work with patients
  • Engage and interact with patients of various diagnoses and ages
  • Learn how to perform an assessment with a patient and evaluate objective measures
  • Learn how to document and code at the top of your license using a high-level EMR system
  • Learn best practice strategies to facilitate discussions with rehab professionals and support team
  • Opportunity to aide in completing functional outcomes measures to track patient’s progress



Starting at $15.00/hour


Application Requirements

  • Most recent academic transcripts
  • Current one-page resume
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • 300-word personal essay about how you plan to serve the community within the profession