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How to Lift Heavy Objects Safely

What is the safest way to lift heavy objects?

That’s a question we hear often in our clinics.

Avoid back pain or injury by following this proper lifting technique.

Lift Heavy Objects Safely

In the video below, Physical Therapist Chris Ponichtera PT DPT teaches you the proper technique for lifting heavy objects without pain or injury.

Whether you’re lifting a box off the ground, picking up your grandchild, or even cleaning up your yard, you can prevent back pain and injury by using proper lifting technique.

In our clinics, we often see people try to lift heavy objects by bending forward with a hunched back and straight legs – which provides no support from your lower body.

When you’re lifting heavy objects, don’t bend from your low back. Instead, put your lower body to work as it’ll help you prevent back pain and injury.

To lift properly, line up with whatever you’re lifting and keep your feet about shoulder width apart.

Bring your butt back, almost like you’re doing a squat, and engage your glutes. Let your hips do the work, lifting through your feet and keeping your back arched.

When you go to set the object down, do just the opposite. Squat down, keeping your glutes engaged and your back arched until you’ve returned the object to the ground.

Want Our Help?

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