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Core & Pelvic Health for Women

Do you want to learn how to build core strength and improve your pelvic health?

If so, explore the replay of our 2024 YMCA Wellness Series class, “Core & Pelvic Health for Women,” led by Buffalo Rehab Group Director of Pelvic Health Dr. Mary Roberts, PT DPT CLT WCS, and Physical Therapist Heather Gronkowski, PT DPT.

You’ll learn the importance and function of your pelvic floor, the most common pelvic health challenges women face as they age, and exercises and stretches to build core strength and improve pelvic health.

Stop struggling with pelvic pain or discomfort.

Do you have a question beyond our Core & Pelvic Health for Women class, or are you seeking more personalized support for pelvic pain or discomfort? Our Virtual Physical Therapy team is here for you.

Talk to a Physical Therapist who can address your unique pelvic health concerns and next steps in a confidential setting.