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The information below explains the financial policies of Buffalo Rehab Group Physical Therapy, PC.
As a service courtesy for you, we check your insurance coverage and benefits for each episode of care.
The payers do not guarantee coverage to us when we check benefits and authorize therapy visits so
please self-verify your individual coverage and understand your insurance policy.

Therapy services are billed on per diem or time-based procedure codes. Your therapist will provide
care specific to your needs and will choose the appropriate procedure codes based on the procedures
performed. Your therapist will be happy to explain the procedure codes if you have any questions.
At the time of your first visit, we will provide you with an ESTIMATE of the amount of money that you
will need to pay per visit based on the information we have received from your insurance. This
estimate does not guarantee payment by your insurance.

The amount not covered by insurance will be ESTIMATED and explained to you on your first visit. This
amount is payable on the date that services are rendered when you check in.

When you have not met your deductible, we will request an ESTIMATED PAYMENT from you that is
applied towards your deductible. You will receive a bill for the remainder of the insurance allowable
once the claim has been filed.

Insurance companies have their own schedule of what they consider to be “usual and customary.”
These fees often vary between plans. Our charges are based on the time and the type of procedures
used by your therapist for each session. If we are in network with your insurance, you will be
responsible for the amount “allowed” by your insurance for each procedure based on your insurance
contract. It is impossible for us to know the details of each individual policy.

Your insurance is an agreement between you, your employer, and the insurance carrier. We
encourage you to contact your insurance company to better understand your benefit for therapy

If you have had recent treatments and/or procedures that should apply to your deductible, it may not
have been billed by the hospital or physician’s office yet and therefore may not be listed when we
checked your benefits. Please contact your insurance if you feel that your deductible information is

If you have a co-insurance percentage that you are expected to pay, we will collect an estimated
amount on that co-insurance and you will receive a bill for the difference between what you paid and
what the insurance company allows after we file your claim. Co-payments (flat amounts per visit) will
be collected at each date of service.

Last updated: 10/19/2023