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Relieve Low Back Pain with This Exercise

Do you experience low back pain when standing or walking, even for short periods of time?

Strong core muscles are crucial in preventing or relieving low back pain.

When your core muscles are weak, it can wreak havoc on your low back.

Prevent or Relieve Low Back Pain

In this video, Physical Therapists Kristina Hines PT DPT and Steve Gonser PT DPT show you a simple exercise to strengthen your core muscles and prevent or relieve low back pain.

Secure a set of resistance bands, either with the help of another person or a wall attachment. You can also use a cable machine. Make sure the resistance or weight is not too heavy.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hinge slightly at your hips, giving yourself a nice, neutral spine.

With the bands held firmly in front of your chest, press them forward while squeezing and engaging your core. Hold for five to ten seconds, then bring them back towards your chest.

Keeping your low back stable is key. The bands are attempting to twist you to the side. Don’t let them. Press forward keeping a straight spine and engaged core.

If this exercise is too easy, try holding the bands in front of your chest, then pivoting and rotating outwards.

When you pivot, do so through your trailing leg and make sure to spin your foot. Do not plant your foot and twist from your spine.

Start with ten reps. If this is still too easy, add a second set.

As a strengthening exercise, try adding this to your routine three days a week.

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