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Understanding Back Pain



Below you’ll find links to a video series to help you understand your injuries and how to achieve your best result with us in Physical Therapy.  Buffalo Rehab Group is committed to providing you extraordinary experience and exceptional results. 

Our goal is to help you get your life back and return to doing the things you love.


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*** If you need further help with your placement, please discuss it with your Physical Therapist.


Disc Herniations & Bulges

Most often patients under the age of 50 who who have have difficulty sitting, bending, and lifting and feel better with standing and walking.

Degenerative Changes

For patients who are typically over the age of 50 and have difficulty or pain standing and walking, but often feel better in sitting or bending


For patients with pain or difficulty maintaining positions, trouble lifting, pain during exercise, and often feel better by changing positions. 

Struggling with where you want be?

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Convenient Hours

 Your schedule is important which is why we have appointments available before and after work hours. Although our clinics have different hours many are open from 7am to 7am, some as early as 6am and as late as 8pm. 

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