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Core Strength for women

A complete program that provides routines and exercises for women to get stronger, look leaner, and keep up with their family.

Perfect for women who are just getting started or those who are already exercising.


Chapter 1

Most of us understand the need to have a strong core but incorporating a program that is both safe and effective can be a challenge.

A core program centered on abdominal crunches and sit-ups are an injustice. Not only have they been proven through countless research studies to provide damaging forces through your spine, but both exercises also utilize the muscle groups in a fashion in which they’re not intended.

Second, don’t mistake your core for your abdominals only! It is important to recognize that your core consists of your abdominals, obliques, back muscles, hips, glutes, and adductors. Your program should target your abdominals, back, and hips, and legs.

Our lives have become increasingly sedentary. We sit in our cars, at work, for three meals, and for leisure. The downstream costs are catastrophic.

Sitting creates an environment that can accelerate the aging of our spine.
Second, the slouched position you likely retain turns your core and postural strength off. You get weaker, less stable, and increase your risk for injury.

At the very least, begin to improve your postural awareness. Sit up tall and avoid slouching. At first, you’ll find that a posture correction will only last a few seconds, quickly adopting a poor position shortly after shifting your focus.

It’s ok–with practice you’ll be able to sustain an improved posture with less conscious effort.

As previously stated, core strength is more than looking good in your bikini. It’s about stability and for both life and sport.

Stability at your spine allows for greater stability, which is extremely important if you’re lifting a grocery bag or child or throwing a football. It’s not uncommon for shoulder pain to plague a tennis or golf swing due to core weakness. If you cannot generate stability at your spine the extremities will suffer.

Our core muscles move the lower half of our body, yes, but they are truly designed to fire together creating 360-degree stability.

Exercises that emphasize a neutral spine are more beneficial; especially for those with a history of back pain. With proper execution planks, side planks, bridges, and bird-dogs are a great start for beginning a core program. If performed properly, squats, lunges, and deadlifts can be a great adjunct for improving both core and leg strength.

Of course with any workout program or general exercises consult a nearby physical therapist; as not all exercises will be suitable for your specific needs.

In order to prevent injury and maximize your results, it is important to modify the exercises to your capabilities and preexisting conditions.

Remember a strong core is needed for injury recovery as well as injury prevention. Common injuries associated with the core are numerous and include back pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, pregnancy-related diastasis recti, hernias, disc herniations, hip/knee/ankle pain, and decreased athletic performance and stamina.

A stable core is a foundation to relieving your pain and promoting greater functional mobility. Your core muscles can also promote deeper breathing as needed for workouts enhancing your body’s performance.

The stronger and more stable you are the better you move throughout your daily life and the greater results you will see from your work out with less injury risk. Plus let’s face it, who doesn’t want flatter abs for their bathing suit this summer!

Overview & Preview

9 Chapters

50 Pages

This guide will help you stay active, improve your health and feel your best.

 The program included provides a system for women, of any age, to take control of their life, strength, and energy levels — without relying solely on medications or living in pain.

After an overwhelming amount of requests from our patients, our Physical Therapists and Women’s Health experts have put together a complete guide to improve your core strength and bone health.

 Inside the booklet you will receive a full 8-week core strengthening routine to help you start feeling your best with 12 unique workouts.

Plus, a month-long calendar is included to track and record your progress.

The ultimate goal is to provide you the means to live the life you want — and keep doing the things you love.

Whether you’re looking to get through your day-to-day, play with your kids or grandkids, or get back out on the tennis court, this guide can help you.

A Look inside the strength guide

This guide is perfect for women who want to start working out or enhance their current workout routine.

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