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Try This to Tone “Bingo Arms”

Do you struggle with loose skin under your upper arms, or what is sometimes referred to as “bingo arms” or “bingo wings?”

If so, you’re not alone.

As women age, they tend to lose tone through their upper arms – causing the area to jiggle or wave.

Help for “Bingo Arms”

In the video below, Physical Therapist Katie Wolfley, PT DPT, explains why we sometimes develop loose skin in our upper arms and what can be done to build tone and strength.

Strengthen, Tone, Stretch

Learn how to enhance your strength, posture, and overall health with routines designed by Physical Therapists.

While loose skin in the upper arm is a pain point for many women, toning this area involves building strength in the entire arm.

The best way to strengthen your arms and address “bingo arms” or “bingo wings” is through dynamic movement.

Try this simple exercise we use in our clinics.

Start with your arms at your sides. Make a “thumbs up” with your right hand, with your thumb pointing towards your front pocket.

With a controlled movement, bring that arm up and out, rotating so your thumb now points behind you. Slowly return your hand back down to your side and repeat.

Start with three sets of ten reps, making sure to work both arms.

Once comfortable, you can incorporate light weights into the movement. Make sure to keep the same rotation with the direction of your thumb.

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