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Try This Full-Body Exercise

Are you looking for a full-body exercise that’ll maximize your workout?

If so, keep reading!

The squat-to-overhead press combo works your entire body and can be done from anywhere.

Build Strength with Full-Body Exercise

In this video, Physical Therapist Katie Wolfley, PT DPT, shows you how to work your entire body with the squat-to-overhead press combo.

The squat-to-overhead press is a great full-body exercise as it works both your arms and legs.

To start, stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands at your sides.

Sit your hips back into a squat. Make sure your knees are not extending beyond your toes and that your back is flat. Your arms should still be at your sides.

From a squatting position, bend your elbows and bring your arms up so your hands are at your shoulders. Stand up from the squat while pressing your arms straight up overhead. Return your hands to your shoulders, then squat and return to your starting position.

Complete two to three sets of 10 repetitions three times per week.

You can perform this full-body exercise with or without weights. If you’re uncomfortable, start without weights and work your way up.

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