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Try These Lower-Body Exercises

Is your lower-body exercise routine falling flat, or are you struggling to create a routine you can stick with?

If so, here are two exercises to try.

Focusing on compound movements like these, instead of isolating ones, can help you build more strength, save time, and create a lower-body exercise routine you’ll want to stick with!

Two Lower-Body Exercises

In this video, Physical Therapist Katie Wolfley, PT DPT, shows you two lower body exercises that will build strength, translate to movements you perform daily, and save you time.

If you’re struggling to create a lower-body exercise routine you’re able to stick with or you’d like to shake up your current routine, swapping isolating exercises for compound movements can help.

Compound movements build strength by targeting more muscle groups. They can also free up time in your busy schedule!

If you’re currently doing leg extensions, swap them for squats. The movement performed during a squat translates to functional movements you make during the day. In the case of squats, think about the movement you make when lifting something heavy from the ground.

Aim to complete three sets of 10 repetitions in your routine.

If leg curls are part of your current workout, swap them for deadlifts. The movement performed during a deadlift, or reaching towards the ground and using your hamstrings to pull you back up, mimics daily lifting and carrying activities.

Like squats, aim to complete three sets of 10 repetitions as part of your lower body exercise routine.

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