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Tight Calves? Try This Stretch.

Do you struggle with tight calves, or even pain through your ankles?

If so, here’s a simple and functional stretch to try.

Stretching is key to relieving tight calves. It’s also something people tend to do incorrectly.

Stretch Tight Calves

In the video below, Physical Therapist Katie Wolfley, PT DPT, explains the proper way to stretch tight calves.


When most people think about stretching tight calves, they revert to one of two exercises.

The first is getting really close to a wall, placing a foot up against it, and leaning into said wall. The other is standing on a step, dropping a heel off the back, and extending it downwards.

While these motions will stretch calf muscles, neither are functional.

To best stretch tight calves, our goal should be to move in a functional manner — mimicking movements made throughout the day. When you mimic these types of movements, they will naturally carry into your daily activities.

So, instead of the stretches mentioned above, try this:

Facing a wall, extend your arms and place your hands flat against it. Stand with the leg you want to stretch straight back, keeping your knee straight. Lean backwards on that leg, putting pressure through your heel and driving it into the floor. Hold this stretch for a minimum of ten seconds, or a maximum of thirty seconds. Complete ten reps on each side.

For an additional stretch, move your hips side to side as you hold.

Get Back to Doing What You Love, Pain-Free.

If you’re struggling with tight calves, or pain in your lower legs or ankles, and want a more personalized approach to finding relief, our Physical Therapists can help.

Treatment is covered by insurance, no referral is required, and with flexible appointments you can find an appointment fast that works with your schedule.

Call 716-458-1990 or go here to schedule at one of our 12 locations throughout Western New York.



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