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Nighttime Back Pain? Try This.

Is nighttime back pain robbing you of sleep?

If so, stop missing out on those precious Zzzs!

Try these two simple stretches ten minutes before bed for a better night’s rest.

Nighttime Back Pain: Stretch it Out

In this video, Physical Therapist Tina Hines, PT DPT, explains how to alleviate nighttime back pain with safe, effective stretches you can do before bed.

Sleep is critical not only for brain function but for your physical health and well-being.

Unfortunately, back pain at night is not uncommon – and something that keeps many of us from getting adequate sleep.

Because of the positions we sleep in, it can be a time when existing soreness, tightness, or stiffness in the back gets worse.

If nighttime back pain or soreness is keeping you awake, try the following stretches ten minutes before bed.

Sink Stretch

Start this stretch by holding the edge of a sink or counter, or even the bed.

While holding on, sit your hips down and back, keeping your knees straight. Once you feel a stretch in your low back, hold that position for five to ten seconds. Then, slowly come back up to standing.

Repeat this stretch sequence ten times.

Slump Stretch

Start by sitting at the end of the bed, with your shoulders rounded forward and your hands behind your back.

Kick your right leg straight out and drive your toe toward the ceiling. Relax your right leg and repeat the same motion with your left leg.

Alternate sides until you’ve completed ten repetitions on each.

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