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Staying Active During Covid

Has staying active during Covid been a struggle?

There’s no doubt the past year has brought both change and challenge. Many of us are working from home, social distancing, and altering our daily routines.

It’s become too easy to hop from our computer screen to the TV screen, bypassing activity as we go.

If you’re feeling tired or like you haven’t been moving as much as you were before the pandemic, it’s time to jumpstart your activity level.

Stay Active During Covid. Get Back Into Your Routine!

In the video below, Physical Therapist Steve Gonser PT DPT offers three simple exercises to help you get back to feeling your best and to keep you active during Covid:

Did you know your body craves movement? It’s true, especially as we age.

Before jumping back into your pre-pandemic fitness routine, determine what level of activity was normal for you in the past. As you reintroduce activity, don’t try to return to normal instantly.

Reintroducing activity gradually, with a 10% to 20% increase per week, is best for returning to and maintaining your routine. This gradual increase also helps prevent soreness and injury.

One simple tool to help you increase activity over time is an activity tracker, like an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. Once you establish your current activity level, gradually increasing steps, laps, or repetitions using a tracker is easy.

Balance is key.

As you ease back into your fitness routine, a crucial first step is working on your balance.

Balance is foundational not only for fall prevention, but for everyday function. When you’re walking, you’re shifting your weight from one foot to another. When you’re going up and down stairs, your weight is on one foot at a time. Balance is key.

Start small, build up your balance, and get back into your routine by practicing the short drills shown in the video. Need more of a challenge? Add weight as you complete them. (Remember, if something hurts don’t do it!)

Focus on gradually increasing your activity levels to get yourself up, moving, and back into your routine!

Need Help?
Being active during Covid is possible! If you’re struggling to determine your starting point or need help creating a plan to gradually increase your activity, our Physical Therapists can help. Treatment is covered by insurance, no referral is required, and with flexible appointments, you can find an appointment fast that works with your schedule. Call (716) 412-0871 or go here to schedule online at one of 11 locations throughout Western New York.



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