Spinal Decompression at BRG

Anyone with a radio, television, or newspaper subscription has heard an awful lot about spinal decompression over the past decade.  Not a week goes by in our physical therapy office without a patient asking about its virtues, limitations, accessibility and cost.

The truth is that this form of treatment has been available in the rehabilitation community for decades, and has regained popularity recently due to concerted public marketing campaigns and patients’ willingness to heal more naturally and without other more invasive forms of treatment.  Newer generation decompression tables and computer-controlled machinery has improved patient comfort and has improved the precision of decompression treatments.

At Buffalo Rehab Group, we realize that a certain percentage of our clients may have better therapeutic outcomes with the inclusion of spinal decompression interventions.  It is our philosophy that decompression should be only part of a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan designed by your physical therapist.  This planning and intervention may only proceed following a complete physical therapy evaluation, after review of all available medical information, and with the consensus of the treating physician as appropriate.

Critics of spinal decompression will tend to point out the temporary nature of the mechanical relief of pinched nerves and worn discs/joints.  Although treatments only last 20-30 minutes on a 2-3/week basis, it is realistic to experience significant relief of symptoms that may last between visits in well-selected patients.  This window of symptom relief allows for better tolerance to other therapeutic activities (ie: physical therapy home exercise program) that ultimately offer a more permanent solution to the underlying biomechanical issues leading to the painful symptoms.

Our philosophy at Buffalo Rehab Group is to include spinal decompression as part of our physical therapy direct skilled care.  In other words, there is no additional out of pocket expenditure or commitment to a pre-determined number of treatment sessions as might be encountered elsewhere.

Other clinicians can charge up to & exceeding $4,000 for spinal decompression.

Many forms of spinal diagnosis may benefit from spinal decompression depending on individual factors and the nature of the symptoms.  It should be noted that some forms of spinal dysfunction are inappropriate for the utilization of spinal decompression.

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