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Prevent Injury: Try This Shoveling Technique

Snovember 2.0 is here, but that doesn’t mean your back needs to pay for it.

Shoveling accounts for a variety of injuries to the shoulders, back, and neck. However, with proper technique, you can reduce your risk.

Proper Shoveling Technique

In the video below, Physical Therapist Steve Gonser PT DPT shows you how to prevent low back, shoulder, or neck injury with proper shoveling technique. He even gets a little help from his four-legged pal, Winston!

When people shovel snow, they do a lot of bending through their low back.

If you’re practicing proper shoveling technique, your spine should be straight as you bend, as this helps protect it. Don’t scoop snow and throw it with an arched back.

When you’re pushing the snow around and looking to moving it, don’t bend and twist.

Instead, you want to do a stepping pattern where you lift the snow and step into it. Move forward, stepping and tossing as you go.

A helpful tool to prevent too much bending this winter is an adaptive shovel. It’s second handle keeps you from having to grip too far down the shovel, thus preventing excess bending. These types of shovels or adaptive attachments can typically be found at your local hardware store or at any major hardware retailer.

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