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Shoulder Pain When Reaching Overhead? Try This.

Does your shoulder hurt with simple movements like reaching above your head or into the back seat of your car?

If so, try this simple exercise.

Its controlled movement targets the muscles around the shoulder blades, which is the key to lasting relief.

Shoulder Pain Relief: Standing Row

In this video, Physical Therapists Kristina Hines PT DPT and Steve Gonser PT DPT show you the standing row. This simple starter exercise is perfect for people suffering with shoulder pain when reaching overhead.

To start, secure a set of resistance bands either to a wall or with the help of another person. Holding a band in each hand, begin with your hands straight out in front of you. Keep light tension on the band.

Slowly draw the band back with one arm, like you’re drawing a bow and arrow. As you do so, make sure you’re engaging the muscles in the back of your shoulder blade to control this motion. Do not hike or raise your shoulder. Step back and pivot through your low body as you draw.

Try completing two to three sets of ten with each arm.

When it comes to the shoulders, people tend to work the overhead muscles through exercises like flies and presses. Unlike these exercises, the standing row eliminates the amount of stress on this area because it controls the shoulder blade position.

If you don’t have good mechanics and are reaching overhead, like with a fly or a press, you can sometimes feel a pinching sensation.

The standing row is a low stress method for targeting the muscles around your shoulder blades, which is key for injury prevention and pain relief.

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