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Relieve Sore Shoulders with This Exercise

Do your shoulders feel sore or stiff?

If you find yourself shrugging to alleviate shoulder or neck pain, try this exercise.

Its simple motion will not only correct your posture but work your shoulder blades — keeping them healthy and pain-free in the longer term.

Relieve Sore Shoulders

In this video, Physical Therapists Kristina Hines PT DPT and Steve Gonser PT DPT show you the “Military Posture” exercise to relieve your sore shoulders and neck.

While it is possible to perform this exercise sitting, we suggest starting in a standing position. Standing helps prevent shoulder curling, hunching, or otherwise bad posture.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with your arms at your side. Make sure your palms are facing out.

Squeeze your shoulder blades down and back, making sure not to shrug or hike your shoulders.

Hold this squeeze for three to five seconds, then release.

Perform ten reps, holding three to five seconds each time.

Though this stretch may seem simple, it’s a great and easy way to help correct posture. It also starts to work on the shoulder blades, which is a key component for keeping your shoulders healthy!

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