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Proper Posture for Golfing

The importance of proper posture can carry an abundance of benefits during daily activities. Posture is the foundation for all of our movements. Translating proper posture to the golf course is the first step in setting yourself up for success. Simply put, if we are not set up properly, our swing will not begin or end properly. Faulty posture can have a direct correlation to inconsistent shots out on the course and excessive strain placed on the low-back.

Below is a short video with an instructional drill on how to achieve a proper set up and posture. The basis revolves around “setting the hips” first while maintaining a neutral or straight spine angle. This spine angle and posture will help you provide the proper axis to rotate around during the swing. Using your hips as the guide will keep you on the correct swing plane. As long as we remember to address the hip and spine position first, the knee and arm positioning will naturally fall into place. Pay close attention to my hip and spine angles during the set up drill in the video below. I hope this video helps you hit ‘em straight and lower your scores!