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Prevent Knee Pain with Proper Squat Form

Are you using proper squat form when climbing the stairs or picking up your child?

If not, your knees are likely paying the price.

Squatting or bending down is an aspect of our everyday lives. Make sure to protect your knees by using proper squat form.

Proper Squat Form

In the video below, Physical Therapist Katie Wolfley, PT DPT, shows you how to protect your knees by using proper squat form.

When squatting or bending down, we tend to bring our knees forward and extend them over our toes. This puts a lot of stress on the knee.

Instead of pushing our knees forward, we should focus on bringing our hips back. This allows us to use our larger muscle groups to power up from squatting or bending.

To use proper squat form, start by standing with your feet firmly planted. Shift your hips backwards. Pause briefly, then come back up to standing.

When you squat, you should feel your weight in your heels, not in your toes.

Complete three sets of ten repetitions.

If you have weakness or are struggling to complete a squat, try placing your hands on a counter or solid surface for support. Increase the depth of your squat as you feel comfortable.

If you’d like more of a challenge, hold a weight at the center of your chest while squatting. You can also complete higher repetitions or add additional sets.

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