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Marta McLaughlin PT DPT

Marta McLaughlin PT DPT

Physical Therapist

East Aurora
(716) 458-1990

Graduated from: Grand Valley State University
Degree: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Marta grew up in East Aurora, NY, and moved back home after attending college at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. While at GVSU, she competed in cross country and indoor/outdoor track primarily specializing in middle distance events.

Marta’s passion for helping people began through her first job as a youth swim instructor and coach. After seeking physical therapy treatment (with BRG) for the first time as a 7th grader, her interest in becoming a physical therapist began and she has been hooked ever since. Fast forward through 7 years of school, she began working for Buffalo Rehab Group in August 2021.

After being away from home the majority of the past 7 years, Marta truly missed the community atmosphere Buffalo shares throughout all its suburbs, and of course, the “Go Bills” greetings, goodbyes, and cheers they all share year-round.

Outside of work, she enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her family, pets, and traveling with her fiancé.



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