Logo for Buffalo Rehab Group

Listen– Don’t hear.

Buffalo Rehab Group has grown to the largest private practice in Western New York, not out of sheer luck, but rather a simple set of core values.  Treating the patient, not the condition, enables us to treat each patient with a unique and individualized program.  You see, your back pain isn’t consistent with your neighbors.  The same applies for the neck, shoulder, foot, etc.  You may be surprised to know that you’re disc bulge may be identical in every way to another’s upon MRI; however, it’s tolerance to positions, activities, and exercise can vary drastically.

Laced within this ‘treat the patient, not the condition’ is a commitment to listening and understanding.  Unfortunately, finding an open ear during clinical assessment has become a healthcare unicorn of sorts.  An age of efficiency and high patient turnover has lead to patient visits lasting a fraction of the time spent in the waiting room.  Great clinicians listen, not simply hear. This, upon many other core values, is at the foundation of Buffalo Rehab Group’s treatment approach.   Our patient’s know this better than anyone.  It’s the reason why I refer my family and friends to our own facilities.  The ability to listen to your patients can tailor your treatment specifically to their needs.

“Treat the patient, not the condition.”

“I have been to PT.  It didn’t work.”  A phrase all too often reverberated throughout the community and during initial evaluations.  Patients can have this preconceived notion that our PT is the same as “xyz’s” physical therapy.  Simply put:  it’s not.  Buffalo Rehab Group has the draw and wealth of rehabilitation knowledge that is unmatched.  We’re committed to providing the best patient care, while developing our staff to do the same.  Our treatment approaches are unique and effective.  Any given day at BRG can replicate a scene from ‘One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, as our patients perform awkward movements and positions that they haven’t seen since adolescence.  Make no mistake, though, the movements and positions are specifically designed and implemented for the individual, NOT the condition.

This specific and individualized treatment approach enables us to have far greater outcomes than most facilities.   It’s why families, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances continually refer each other.  We care.  We listen.  Don’t let yourself, family member, or friend disregard the effectiveness of physical therapy until they’ve seen us.  Too often patients ‘settle’ for proximity and convenience, compromising quality.  This isn’t a means to be boastful or arrogant.  Our strong core values that highlight patient outcomes and satisfaction allow for continued growth, furthering our outreach and again, more growth.

Too often patients ‘settle’ for proximity and convenience, compromising quality.

We would like to thank all of our patients for their loyalty and kind words.  Your choice for rehabilitation is legally protected to be yours and yours alone.  We express our gratitude that you trust us with you and your loved one’s health.  We will continue to learn, grown, listen, and educate with aspirations of a healthy and well community.