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Importance of Core Strength

“I don’t have any stomach muscles, those are long gone.”

But, even if you can’t SEE your muscles, they are still there.

My name is Melissa Bulas-Mercuri, a physical therapist at Buffalo Rehab Group.

You may think that a strong core isn’t something that is achievable — or that it will take hours in the gym to achieve, but I can assure you that you can strengthen your core.

The reality is that core strength is necessary for all of us, particularly women.

Core strength is not only essential during heavy tasks like lifting, but simple tasks, such as vacuuming or walking, also require a strong core.

Made up of abdominal muscles, gluteal (butt) muscles, the pelvic floor, and your back muscles, the core is more than just a “six-pack.”

Thankfully, you do not need to spend hours at the gym or perform hundreds of sit-ups to become strong. A solid core routine can be completed at home, with no equipment, and in as little as a few days per week.

Whether you’re an athlete, or simply looking to walk, lift, clean, and play, you need to be thinking about core strength.

Looking for a teaser? Take a look at the video below for just one of the many exercises we will cover!

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