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How to Fix Knee Pain

Wondering how to fix knee pain?

Each year, nearly 25% of adults struggle with knee pain. So, if you’re looking for knee pain relief, you’re not alone.

As we age our joints wear out, causing pain and those creaks and cracks we hear with movement.

Though this wear, commonly known as osteoarthritis, is normal, we don’t want our joints wearing out too quickly.

Take Control of Your Knee Pain

In the video below, Physical Therapist Steve Gonser PT DPT explains osteoarthritis of the knee, what happens as we age, and how we can control and fix knee pain.

Osteoarthritis. What is it?

To fix knee pain, you need to understand its cause.

As we age, we often hear the term “arthritis.” But what is it?

Simply put, arthritis is inflammation of a joint. Our joints become inflamed for a few reasons, but when associated with wear and tear, it’s termed osteoarthritis. This often results in cartilage loss.

Cartilage is the friction-free surface between joints that keeps them moving smoothly.

When your cartilage wears down, your bones don’t move as smoothly at their joints as they should. This results in the creaking, cracking, and pain you hear and feel – or osteoarthritis.


How to Fix Knee Pain

As much as we’d all love to stop the aging process, we can’t. However, we do have some control over how quickly our knees age.  Factors like weight management and exercise are a great way to protect your knees and slow the aging process.

When it comes to exercise,  the number one area of focus for anyone dealing with knee pain isn’t the knees, but the hips. Your hip muscles are your knees’ best friend.

With each step you take and every stair you climb, your hip is supporting your knee to make that movement happen. Without good hip strength, unwanted twisting and turning of the knee can occur. It’s these motions that cause premature wear and pain.

Working on your hip strength through exercise is your first step in relieving knee pain.

Along with your hip strength, your foot and ankle strength are also key to healthy knees.

Stiffness in the foot and ankle mean you don’t move well. As a result, your knee compensates for the lack of movement. This compensation leads to awkward positioning of the knees, along with the twisting and turning that cause wear.

When you’re thinking about lasting relief for your knee pain, don’t think of it as more knee exercises.

Focus on your hips, ankles, and feet to keep your knees feeling younger and pain free.

Want help fixing your knee pain?

If you struggle with knee pain and want some help getting back to doing the things you love, our Physical and Occupational Therapists can help

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