Haliegh Seeloff PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant


Graduated from: Niagara County Community College
Degree: Physical Therapy Assistant

Haliegh was born and raised in Newfane, NY and currently lives in Lockport, NY. She graduated from Niagara County Community College in 2020 and began working with Buffalo Rehab Group within the same year.

Haliegh was drawn to this profession because of how physical therapy has improved the lives of her family.  When Haliegh’s daughter was born, she had a muscular imbalance around her hips.  She wasn’t able to extend her lower extremities, which caused discomfort and difficulty with positioning.  With the help of physical therapy, she was eventually able to extend her legs and develop normally.  Haliegh is very grateful for how physical therapy has helped those she loves. She strives to provide this same care for others. 

Outside of work Haliegh enjoys running, hiking and camping. The outdoors is her favorite place to be.




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