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Golf Warm up Video Series

This year for our recent Buffalo Rehab Group speaker series Golfsmart focused on a tee box warm up. Your warm up should mimic the physical activity which you plan on participating in. The routine focuses on mainly hip flexibility, strength, and balance to ready ourselves for the first tee.

This warm up is a simple way to prime our bodies for the demands of a golf swing. Pay extra close attention to the verbal instructions and cuing on HOW and from WHERE our motion is happening. Start every swing type with less exaggerated stances and partial swinging motions. As this becomes easier move toward more full swings. Three to five swings of each position are plenty to get things moving. Remember this is just a warm up; not an exhaustive exercise program, so tailor the repetition and swing lengths to what fits you specifically. Give these a try at home to master your form, and hopefully this helps you start your round off with lower scores.

Stay tuned for our next video series on lunging!



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