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Golf better with Lunges: Part Two

Through our previous article discussions you already know the importance of lunges for any golfer’s strength and mobility. However; are all lunges created equal? It is time to consider the difference between a straight forward lunge vs. lunging with rotation. By nature, the golf swing deals mainly with rotational movements. This rotation comes primarily from the hips; about 30-40 degrees in each direction. So it makes perfect sense to exercise our hips and reinforce this rotational aspect of movement through lunges.

Generally speaking, trying to improve any motion restriction or strengthen a particular muscle group is more effective when addressed in different planes of movement. Think about your daily routine and basic tasks, are any of these things performed in perfect straight lines of movement? The answer is a resounding no. Our typical movement is a combination of three planes of motion; sagittal (up and down), frontal(side to side) and transverse(rotational). As it pertains to golf, we want to focus in on that rotational plane of motion.

“Inside” vs. “Outside”

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Inside and outside lunges describe lunges which emphasize hip external rotation and internal rotation. These lunges are typically performed to a step or box of medium height to maximize to range of motion demand through the hips. As you watch the video clip below pay close attention to the hips and trunk motion as we turn and lunge onto the step. Add these subtle changes to your strength routine and watch your golf game improve!

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