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How to Fix Back Pain

Are you looking for a way to fix back pain?

If so, you’re not alone. Nearly a quarter of the patients we treat are looking for back pain relief for either a new or old injury.

Instead of turning to temporary fixes like ice or pain medications, watch the video below to see how you can address the source of your low back pain.

How to Fix Back Pain

In this video, Buffalo Rehab Group Physical Therapist, Steve Gonser, PT DPT, explains the most common reasons for low back pain and how you can address these causes — for good.

What Causes Back Pain?

When your low back hurts, it’s natural for it to become your focus.

You may try icing it, stretching it, or applying something like Bio Freeze or Icy Hot. While these might provide you with temporary relief, they will not fix the source of your low back pain.

To fix low back pain, focus on the body as a whole – not just on your low back.

Your back is the ultimate compensator and will pick up the slack for weakness, tightness, or improper function in your hips and mid-back.

Over time, your low back will start to wear down from taking on this extra function.


Where to Start

What is the first thing you can do to pinpoint the cause of your low back pain? Watch your posture.

If you sit all day at work, it’s common to develop poor posture. When this happens, we lose our ability to turn and twist through our mid-back. When the mid-back can no longer move with ease, your low back compensates.

Over time, this starts to take its toll and can lead to low back pain.

Another spot you need to be cognizant of are the hips.

In total, each hip has 90 degrees of rotation, whereas your low back only has 25 degrees.

When the hips become stiff or tight and can no longer rotate as they should, your low back steps in – despite its lower tolerance to twisting and turning.

Over the course of weeks, months, or years, this compensation will cause the wearing down of your low back.

We always want to make sure our hips are strong, flexible, and moving well.

Fix Your Back Pain – For Good!

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