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Five Changes To Improve Your Spine Health

As we age, our bodies go through a “wear and tear” process. For some, the effects are concentrated at the spine, for others, it is achy knees, sore shoulders, or painful hips. While some wear and tear is considered “normal,” many of us are experiencing an accelerated wearing process. Daily habits, recreational activities, job duties, and activity level can greatly impact how much wear and tear our body experiences.

For most, degenerative changes are accelerated as a result of poor movement patterns and inactivity. For example, your spine may contribute more motion than normal to compensate for lower extremity tightness; a ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ scenario. Years of excessive movement from the spine leads to increased pressure on the disc, muscles, and joints of the spine.

Getting older is inevitable; however, aging faster than your chronological age is within your control. You can make modifications to your daily life to significantly reduce your risk for premature degeneration. That’s right, you have control over how your body ages! Even more good news, it is not too late to start.

Check out this video below where I cover five changes you can implement today, regardless of your age, fitness level, and overall health which will help spare your spine. Making these modifications will improve your function, make you more mobile, and reduce your pain. Slow the aging process of your body by taking control of your motion today!

5 Simple Changes to Improve Your Spine Health

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