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Find Your Low Back Pain Category

Are you struggling with low back pain?

If so, this video can help you to start feeling better.

It’s common for low back pain to make walking, standing, sitting, and even sleeping painful. Some people struggle to even walk around the block, while others hurt when sitting for a length of time.

If this sounds familiar, there is hope for starting to feel better — even with arthritis, disc herniations, and having a “bad back.”

How, you might ask?

You need to know your low back pain category.

Knowing your pain category, found in the video below, can determine what you can do to start feeling better.

Find Your Low Back Pain Category

In the video below, Buffalo Rehab Group Physical Therapist, Steve Gonser, PT DPT, explains how to identify your low back pain category.

Fix Your Back Pain – For Good!

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