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Exercises to Help Maintain a Healthy Back

​Chronic low back pain is one of the leading causes for patients seeking physical therapy treatment in America.

Low back pain is often diagnosed as symptoms related to aging (degenerative disc disease (DDD) or stenosis) or disc-related (herniations or bulges).

Both injury categories can be treated, improved, and even fixed with a stretching and strengthening program. Through targeted exercises, you can maintain good spine posture and alignment during your day-to-day tasks and hobbies.  Proper alignment can help prevent injury and even slow the wear and tear on your spine.

​Two great starter exercises are squats and lunges.

Both exercises are performed routinely in daily tasks.  Squats and lunges are used to clean the house, play with kids or grandchildren, and perform hobbies like gardening and golf. 

Adding both exercises to your exercise routine can help you improve your independence, strength, and health.  Learn how to perform these exercises properly by watching this video:

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