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One Exercise to Tone Your Core, Arms & Legs

Want to improve your core and leg strength? If so, try this exercise.

Core strength is more than the common perception of a flat stomach or “six pack” abs.

The low back, hips, and abdominals can all be classified as core muscles. Each muscle group supports the body with everyday movement.

If you’d like to build your core strength, tone your arms and legs, and feel better in 2022, add this full-body squat to your routine.

Build Core Strength & Tone

In this video, Buffalo Rehab Group Physical Therapist Kristina Hines PT DPT shows you a simple, full-body squat to build core, arm, and leg strength.

This full-body squat is great for any woman, regardless of fitness level.

Squats aren’t usually a favorite exercise as they elicit thoughts of sore knees and strain. That said, they only cause soreness and strain when done incorrectly.

When squatting, avoid pushing your knees forward . Doing so adds strain and stress to your knees and turns off your glute and more muscles.

As you squat, push your butt back. Doing this engages your low back and hips, along with your legs.

Want to make it harder? Hold weights in each hand.

Start with the weights at your side, squat, and then curl. This tones the front of your arms.

Repeat this process, but after you curl your weights press them overhead. This movement will tone your shoulders.

Start with two sets of ten and keep building for a stronger core, arms, and legs.

Want a stronger core in 2022?

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