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Calf Stretch for Runners

Are your calves tight, stiff, or cramping while you run?

If so, the stretch below can help you loosen up and feel great on your next run.

Not only can tight calves slow you down, but it can also cause a host of injuries, including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Knee Pain

Unfortunately, most people stretch their calves incorrectly by wedging their foot into a wall or dropping their heel off a step.  While both methods can provide a good stretch feeling, there’s a better way to target muscles when stretching.

How? By stretching in multiple directions.

While running, walking, and exercising, muscles are used in multiple positions.  That’s why it’s important to stretch using your leg in different ways.

The calf stretch from Physical Therapist, Kearsten Fish PT DPT, is a perfect example.

Give it a try!

Starting position:

Stand in a stride position at a wall.  Keeping your back knee heel down and your toes facing forward on both feet, stretch forward. You should notice a pull in your calf muscle.

Hold for 5-20 seconds, then return back off the stretch. Repeat five to ten times.

Make it Dynamic!

Holding the stretch position from above, drive your hips from side-side-side while keeping your heel down.  Hold in the right and left directions for three to five seconds, repeat 10 to 20 times in each direction.

You should notice the stretch in different areas of your calf muscle.

Want More Exercises & Drills?

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You will learn:

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  • Exercises that fix imbalances that cause pain and soreness
  • Run form drills to improve your stride to run faster
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