Try This Exercise Sequence to Improve Balance

Do you struggle with bad balance or worry about slipping and falling?

Try this simple, at-home exercise sequence.

Good balance is crucial to remaining injury-free and independent as we age.

Build Your Balance

In this video, Physical Therapists Kristina Hines PT DPT and Steve Gonser PT DPT show you an easy, at-home sequence to build strength and improve balance.

Before starting any exercise, make sure you’re in a safe environment with a wall or counter to grab onto if needed.

Start with your feet together and your hands at your sides. Hold this stance for 30 seconds. Repeat that hold three to five times.

If you were able to stand without significant swaying, move on to level two.

Put your right heel to your left toe, keeping a slight bend in your right knee. Hold this stance for 30 seconds. Repeat that hold three to five times. Once finished, put your left heel to your right toe and repeat.

If you were able to hold the level two stance without losing balance, progress to the final level of the sequence — a single leg balance.

Start with your hands on your hips, lift one leg, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this hold three to five times. Lift your opposite leg and repeat.

If you complete all three levels and didn’t find them challenging, close your eyes and repeat each level.

Closing your eyes will challenge the receptors that tell your body where it is in space, making it more difficult to maintain balance.

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